Hello blogging, my old friend

Hello blogging, my old friend

Hi! I’m Chelsea. I’m a J.D., writer, researcher and award-winning video producer who loves to connect with shared human experiences through storytelling. I’m about finding strength in vulnerability and nuance in a hot-take world.

I’ve been blogging on-and-off for more than two decades. I previously made my home at Cute Girl With a Banjo, an awesome community where I was fortunate to grow a large following with frank writings on grief, politics, sexual assault, feminism and finding my voice. As extraordinarily proud as I am of that project, I’m ready now to move on.

If you’ve been following my writing for any amount of time, you will probably not be very surprised to learn that I resisted launching this blog for ages. I wanted to do it right this time, unlike previous blogs, which had been thrown together when I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore.

There were seemingly endless questions: What is the purpose of the blog? What should I name it? How should I market it? What should the design be? Do I migrate my old content onto the new blog? What about my 4,000+ subscribers (hi, guys!); what if they hate the new concept?

Needless to say, this had me spinning my wheels for months on end; weighed down by resistance. Truthfully, I’m afraid to fail. I am getting stuck in perfectionism and control; wanting to have it all “right” immediately out the gate, without an inch for failure. In other words, nothing like real life.

You know, real life, where we have to try things to see what works, where we fail, where we make mistakes, where we clean them up, where there’s time and space for trial and error, and where we can usually fix things before it’s too late.

Here in real life, I’ve been practicing letting go; allowing imperfection and messiness and vulnerability. For the past year and a half, I’ve been in treatment, recovering from a long, harrowing trauma history (we’ll talk about that another time). Letting go and ditching perfectionism has been a huge part of my practice. And I have to say, it’s been extremely transformative and freeing.

But man, applying it to this blog is hard! I’m putting so much of myself into this project that getting it wrong feels particularly scary. If it’s bad, then maybe, I am — just as I’ve suspected all these years — really bad, too.

How silly does that sound when it’s written out? So silly! Silly enough that I’m not going to continue to give it power over me. Consider this me letting go, and putting Chelsea Processing out there; an imperfect project for an imperfect world.

I’m taking my mask off, because I’m ready to be seen and I can’t spend my precious energy holding it up anymore.

It looks like a lesson has already found me.

So, without further hesitation or unnecessary complication, I will write. About what, you probably want to know (before hopefully hitting that subscribe button)? I’ll write about the things I’m obsessed over. The things I can’t stop thinking, reading, talking or learning about. I’ll write about:

  • Self-care & Healing
  • Modern Living
  • Women & Feminism
  • Designing a Life You Love
  • Creativity & Exploration
  • Witchy Stuff

Here’s the thing: I’m still figuring this stuff out, and will be for the foreseeable future. Hence Chelsea Processing. I am someone who’s still learning and growing. I’m not a guru, a therapist, a thought leader or a Ted-talker. I’m not an “after” in some inspirational tale of challenges overcome and life on the other side. I’m just a person doing her best to take care of herself and find a little truth and beauty in this life.

I would just love it if you’d share the journey with me — maybe we can figure it out together.

What do you say?



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