Announcing: Mindful Media Series!

Announcing: Mindful Media Series!

Social media started out innocently enough, didn’t it? It was a place to connect with your friends, show off the parties you were going to, and poke unwitting crushes.

But through the years, the social media landscape has expanded into a behemoth. According to Pew research, a whopping 68% of Americans are on Facebook, and three quarters of those users are on the platform every day. The typical American (if there is such a thing!) uses at least three social media sites regularly. And 40% of all social media users say it would be difficult to leave their beloved apps behind.

At this point, we are heavily entrenched in the digital media landscape. If you’re not on Instagram, did you even eat a beautiful, expensive dinner at an exclusive restaurant? How would you know your (barely) acquaintances’ political opinions if not for Facebook? And why even bother taking a selfie if you aren’t going to put an angelic deer face filter on it in Snapchat?

Lately, everyone has been talking about the damage that social media does to our hyperconnected lives. Our privacy is being violated, our fears and angers are being exploited for clicks and views, and our opinions are segregating us into ever-shrinking echo chambers. The very tool that was supposed to make relationships easier is bringing many of us more overwhelm and isolation than ever.

I see and hear so many people discussing how they want to abandon their accounts, but can’t for career, social or family reasons. And for marginalized people, social media is still a much-needed lifeline; a means to have a voice in a world that doesn’t make a lot of room for those on the fringes.

I, too, have debated deleting all of my social media accounts and going back to living in the “real world.” I, too, have struggled with wasting way too much time scrolling when I really should be doing other things. And I, too, desperately seek solutions that will somehow allow me to remain connected to all that is good about social media, while not being roped into the darker, more sinister aspects of online life.

So, I’m launching a series that will dive into mindful social media use. I did loads of research, picked the absolute best tips from experts, and spent months creating strategies with my therapist — so you don’t have to! I’m really excited to share everything I’ve learned with you.

Next week, we’ll break down what exactly makes social media so addictive and how it can be harmful to our well-being. I’ll share a little of my own journey with scrolling addiction, and how I’ve been (very, very slowly!) improving my relationship with the digital realm. After that, we’ll dive into some mindful social media tips.

I firmly believe that we can all find ways to have a healthy relationship with social media and enjoy its benefits without being hunched over rage machines screaming our angry opinions past each other.

I believe we can change our settings (both digitally and neurobiologically), tap into our intuition, and crack this code once and for all.

Let’s get digital!


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